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20 years of experience in professional taping

The market of kinesiological tape has been growing very intensively throughout the past 20 years. That's why it is good to know a professional partner on your side. OKAMED provides further education for medical staff. Our highly professional trainings are trusted by Pychotherapists, Hospitals, Ambulances and alternative healing Professions. We do not invent new ways of taping but provide the whole bundled knowledge of all known techniques to train beginners as well as advanced users and professionals.


Your benefits using products by OKAMED:

  • Order everything you need for taping within our online shop. Register once and free of charge and keep record of all your orders and adresses.
  • Be part of the "Olaf Kandt further educational concept" for faster rehabilitation success.
  • Due to our international taping activity we have a bundled knowledge of available products and how to apply them. Participate and get access to books, tapes, cross-tapes and advanced techniques for the state of the art medical treatments.



On www.latticetape.com you cna now find detailed information about our well know Lattice Tapes.

We explain in detail what Lattice Tape is, how it works and how to apply it the right way onto the human body. Enjoy reading!

Customers from Switzerland from now on can order our original Okamed products directly from our local partner the AN Produkte GmbH.

One tape, unlimited possibilities.
The X1-tape of tapefit has been designed to combine ease of use with universal applications. Thanks to its special shape X1-tape can be used in the treatment of back, shoulder, knee and ankle.