Kinesiology Tapes

Kinesiology Tape overview

It looks just like a big tattoo but it is a kinesiologic-reflective tape like seen on more and more athletic competitions throughout the world. There exists a wide variety of patterns and colours such as blue, pink, yellow, green, blue or black tape. With modern patterns such as leopard or even skulls it fits pretty much every style. Kinseiologic taping is not just far more trend than classic aping but is being applied far more often.

But this healing method, originating from Japan, isnot jsut being used among professional athletes. It has now long been used by physiotherapists and doctors as well as an alternative and gentle way of healing. The reason? The tapes contain no mediacations at all!

It is all about the way the kinesiology tapes are being applied. That is why OKAmed is developing new techniques and products in this area to establish this kind of medical treatment not only in an athletic but also modern, professional ambulance environment.


Body Balance Tape

"modern & innovative" - Our new and very stretchable(to 170%) tape with very adhesive properties


"The Classic" - One of the best and most used tapes in kinesiologic treatment


Very sharp yet light and handy scissors perfect for outpatient treatment