Olaf Kandt - philosophy and way of working

Coach, Author and CEO of OKAmed

Olaf Kandt - international medical trainerThe focus of my work for more then 20 years as an international medical trainer and coach of health care professionals has always been treating my patients with gentle medicine and functional fitting techniques. One focus is the kinesiology reflective taping, also called "kinesio taping". Using this technique, I coached for more than a decade of numerous doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

I began through the contact with a reflex therapist from South Korea where I learned the infinite possibilities of treatment with crosstapes and patches. Since then my understanding of healing and self-healing powers of the human body has been greatly expanded. I've added this method immediately in my training program. I get almost exclusively positive feedback - other than in almost any other healing method - from patients, doctors, therapists; Or to shorten things up the people who have previously learned this technique in my classes and seminars as well as in my medicinal treatment coachings. Thanks to the crosstapes many patients can now dispense with conventional medicines, and so some would even surgical intervention have been spared. And this with a method that even a layman can quickly acquire.

With my book, "The healing power of the grating patch" I admit my knowledge very much to you - no matter whether you work in the medical field or a layman in this field. Through the book succeeds to all interested parties, to ease suffering and to relieve people of pain, without the drugs must be used. Soon even my second book "My Magical patch" appears. This time it comes to the care of children. Parents should know that you can help the child's body through gentle stimuli to be done even with many complaints. Grating patches contain no DRUGS!
My work fascinated me a lot. As Medical trainer, consultant and lecturer I teach in-depth knowledge. After 20 years, I know how to professionally performs training and creates fun learning. I have often after classes still in contact with the participants to help you with advice and assistance in the practical work to the side. This service is free. This makes my courses unique. I am proud that I have succeeded. Olaf Kandt-training concepts stand for quality.